Englischlehrer:innen gesucht für Kindergarten- und Schulkinder


  • Raum Magdeburg: We are looking for several course instructors with
    Driving licence and vehicle (3)
  • Egeln (1)
  • Wanzleben (1)
  • Barleben (1)
  • Leipzig (1)
  • Frankfurt am Main (1)
  • Hamburg (1)
  • Meißen und Großenhain (1)

If you do not live in the above areas, please apply anyway, we will be looking in your area soon. However, you should already live in Germany and be allowed to work as a freelancer.

Read first

We are a language school operating nationwide in Germany and offer playful language courses in kindergartens and primary schools.

In the courses, the children take an immersive language bath within the new language, i.e. the courses are held exclusively in the target language. The focus is on play and fun for the children, so that they come into contact with the new language in an action-oriented and holistic way (Total Physical Response). Each course usually takes place once a week in a kindergarten or after-school club and lasts about 45 minutes.

You should have fun and experiences in working with children aged 3 to 11 years. You should be reliable and flexible to the highest degree and have an openness to new teaching and learning methods.

Your language competence should be first language level and largely accent-free. You should also know the theoretical basics of second language acquisition or be willing to familiarise yourself with this field. You should be able to implement a highly efficient language course in small groups of 8 children, which is characterised by a variety of methods and, above all, fun for the children.

You need a valid work and residence permit for the Federal Republic of Germany, a certificate of good conduct without any entries (we support you to apply for this)  and liability insurance.

We cannot help with visa matters.

Your knowledge of German: You must be able to react to the children’s expressions and embed them in the course.

  • current police certificate of good conduct/criminal record/background check (without entries) – You have to apply for this after our job interview
  • Confirmation from your liability insurance company that you have insurance cover for your work (liability insurance).
  • Current and friendly picture of yourself (for the list of participants)

It is not necessary to send us the documents with your application, we ask for them separately.

For our own convenience, please use our online application form for your application only.

Please do not send us hard copies of your documents.

We will not return any documents and will not reimburse any application costs or travel expenses incurred for the application process.

  • This is a freelance job – no employment/salary, but we are contractors.
  • You send invoices. And have your tax number as a freelancer.
  • We cannot help you with work permits/visas etc.
  • We would like to keep your details in our teacher:in pool and contact you for jobs in your area.
  • Please try to be clear with what skills you are well suited for this position

On 1 March 2020, a new law came into force (Measles Protection Act/Masernschutzgesetz) which forces us to check your immunity to measles. We need a document showing that you have these two vaccinations:

Choose one of the following documents and have it ready during the interview.

  • Blood test (titer determination), if you have already had measles, you are now immune. OR
  • International vaccination certificate (vaccination card) OR
  • medical certificate if there is a contraindication to this vaccination OR
  • another document issued by a government stating that you have already proven your status

You cannot work for us without one of these documents.

Updated Feb 18 2022

We expect you to have full vaccination protection against Sars Cov 2 / Covid-19.

In addition, for some schools you will need to have an additional rapid test before the courses.

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